Top 10 favorite Disney Songs


As many of you may know, I take questions from my followers on Twitter and Facebook pages and randomly select one every day to answer on my feed. More often times than not, I receive tons of requests and questions related to Kpop, but today I got one that was just too cute not to answer. However, the question itself was so generalized that it prompted me to write a full post listing of my top ten. Check out the question below.

“Hey Nini? Do you watch alot of Disney movies or have you? If so, what’s your favorite Disney song? – Mike

Now you understand how grossly generalized it was. I made a short answer post via my Facebook feed and responded.

I can honestly say that I have seen pretty much ever major animated film Disney has ever released. Trying to pick a favorite is like trying to find two snowflakes that look alike. Teehee.. but ok .. I will try to answer this as best as I can. (you should have just named a specific movie then asked me which of its song i like the most)

I have around 10 songs that I truly love so instead of listing them all off .. I’ll just randomly pick one…  here

To properly and accurately answer this question I’m compelled to mention that the songs that I will list in a moment also correspond to my Top 10 all-time favorite Disney movies. As I contemplated this post, I was unsure as to whether or not I should list them in order from number ten to number one. I ultimately decided to throw them up in a random order. Since I included one of my top 10 previously in this post I will also include my number eleventh top favorite track at the end. Note: As Disney is now the parent company of Pixar, their movies have been included in this list if it applies.

  • Mulan –  Reflection
  • The Prince of Egypt – When you believe 
  • Marry PoppinsFeed The Birds (Tuppence a bag)
  • Pocahontas –  Colors of the Wind
  • Tarzan – You’ll be in my heart
  • Bedknobs and BroomsticksPortobello Road
  • The Little MermaidPoor Unfortunate Soul
  • The Jungle Book Bare Necessities
  • The Princess and The Frog –  Almost There
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is Halloween

And there’s my list. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Didn’t see your favorite track listed? Leave your comments and let me know what I may have missed and why.


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